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FAI Automotive Viscous M57 Harmonic Balancer

FAI Automotive Viscous M57 Harmonic Balancer

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At long last, a cost effective and high quality solution to the failing oem M57 harmonic balancer! WPI has secured the sole USA distributorship with FAI to bring these over!

This is a hybrid design damper that uses both rubber and viscous elements. This negates the absolute necessity for a clutched alternator pulley to eliminate belt squeak at idle with a viscous only damper. However, a clutched alternator pulley is still a fantastic upgrade with it's own benefits and should be strongly considered. Made in Turkey by FAI Automotive, the damper carries a manufacturer 3 year unlimited mileage warranty standard. However, if you have a failure outside of the 3 year warranty, WPI will replace it at no cost and no questions asked. 

Purchasing options:

-Damper only with 4 mounting bolts

-Damper, 4 bolts, INA clutched alternator pulley, and alternator pulley spacer 


Viscous Dampers Design
A viscous damper has a sealed outer housing with a precision machined hub. Inside of the housing is an inertia ring with a viscous fluid (specialized silicone) filling the cavity.

1. Groove 8. Inner Hub
2. PTFE Bushing 9. Inertia mass housing
3. Plastic Bushing Plate 10. Slide Bearing
4. Rubber 11. Inertia mass
5. Slide Bearing 12. Cover
6. Main Hub 13. Viscous Fluid hole
7. Propeller 14. Viscous fluid gap



Included 12.9 sockethead capscrews torque to 60lb/ft without thread lubricant. They generate a higher clamp load than oem stretch bolts and are reusable.