M57 ARP2000 Head Stud Kit

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Custom made for WPI by ARP. Head stud kit for BMW M57 diesels made in ARP2000 220,000psi yield material. Includes studs, nuts, washers, and ARP lube. Only 30 sets are being made at this time, so once they're gone, that's all folks. 



Whitbread Performance ARP M57 Head Stud Installation Instructions


  1. Clean the block threads out with compressed air to ensure no oil or coolant is trapped in the bottom of the hole.
  2. Install the studs into the block with a 5mm allen and stop turning as soon as the stud bottoms out. There should be no torque applied to the stud.
  3. Lubricate both sides of the washers and the threads inside the nut with supplied ARP lube.
  4. Tighten in OEM pattern first to 40lb/ft, then 80lb/ft, then to 120lb/ft following the OEM pattern with each torque sequence.
  5. If replacing the OEM head bolts one at a time, torque the stud to straight to 110lb/ft after removing the OEM head bolt. Once all OEM bolts are replaced, in the pattern pictured below, torque the studs up to 120lb/ft.