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Ambient Thermal Management is proud to announce an aftermarket intercooler solution fot the E70 BMW market! Now you can enjoy the benefits of lower intake temps and better performance in your X5.

SIZE- This intercooler is huge! We've measured the available area in front of the bumper in both depth and height and custom designed an intercooler that makes the most of this space - the result is an intercooler with 56% more frontal area and an impressive 98% more core volume than stock!

CORE- ATM is the only FMIC manufacturer producing a stepped core as one single assembly. Our core is custom made to our specifications, including the ambient and charge row height and internal and external fin count. And of course, at the heart of every ATM intercooler core is our unique rounded header bars which act as a velocity stack for each charge row. All of these features help our cores reach an efficiency rating into the upper 90 percentile range!

PLUMBING-The factory plumbing on the X5D suffers from the same major issue as the 335D: leakage, especially with the higher boost specific to the diesel powerplant. ATM has eliminated this problem by getting rid of all of the quick-connect plumbing used on the intercooler connections. Our solution has been well proven on the M57 platform and is the ONLY solution that uses tried-and-true beaded connections with high quality constant-tension clamps. ATM also includes easy-to-install CNC machined fittings for both the hot and cold side, a custom aramid fluoro-lined (high-temp oil compatible) hot-side hose, and a fluoro-lined cold-side adapter to connect to the exisitng charge pipe.

ENDTANK DESIGN- All endtanks are not created equal. Air likes to flow in a smooth curved radius just like you see on the rounded cast endtanks of the ATM FMIC. 

The end result is the ATM FMIC's ability to remove more temperature, meet the targeted air flow, and minimize the pressure drop on your diesel BMW.


  • More core volume than stock? - Yes, 98%
  • More ambient face than stock? - Yes, 56%
  • More charge rows than stock?  - Yes, 17
  • Bar and Plate construction? - Yes, with our innovative rounded header bars
  • Removes leaky factory plumbing? - Yes, with leakproof constant-tension clamp beaded connections
  • We also designed the intercooler to sit against the factory heat exchangers, so the radiator fan could still draw ambient air through the core when the vehicle is in low speed situations


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