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BEW/BRM/BHW PD Head Stud Kit

BEW/BRM/BHW PD Head Stud Kit

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Head stud kit for 8v PD TDI. Includes studs, custom machined nuts, and lube. Stock VW head bolts are 158KPSI yield strength.

We have switched manufacturers for the higher grade studs to Optitorque Technologies instead of ARP due to supply, cost, and lead time issues. The Optitorque studs are made in Penn Yan, New York from an alloy that is 10-12KPSI higher yield than ARP2000 material. 

ARP8740 is 195KPSI yield strength and torque to 100-105lb/ft. 

Optitorque studs are 230KPSI yield strength and torque to 120-125lb/ft. 

When installing the valve cover with either stud, please check for possible interference with a support rib on the inside of the valve cover on the manifold side of the cylinder head. If needed, trim the ribs with a pair of side cuts. We've come to find that certain covers have internal ribs and other's do not.