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ATM 335D Intake

ATM 335D Intake

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As the tunes for the 335D kept evolving, it was clear that the stock airbox was not up to the task of providing the engine with enough air. A solution was necessary.

ATM’s 335D intake system was designed from the ground up to occupy the stock airbox space while increasing power and improving sound, as well as upgrading the look under the hood. This intake utilizes the stock snorkel piping in addition to drawing in extra cold air around the headlight and bumper. To top it off, we added a removable lid to seal off and separate the intake source from hot underhood temperatures. This increased air supply along with a high-flow 8-layer filter yields a considerable top-end power increase, especially in tuned cars. And even if your car is bone stock, you will absolutely love the sound!


  • Choice of cleanable 8-layer oiled cotton media filter or dry media filter
  • Stainless steel construction with a black wrinkle powdercoat
  • Removable and scratch-resistant clear lid to keep out hot underhood temperatures
  • Fits in the stock airbox space and utilizes the OEM snorkel
  • Dyno-proven to add power in the upper rpm range
  • Greatly improves turbo sound