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240mm 30lb Billet Steel SMF For VW/Audi Longitudinal Manual Swaps

240mm 30lb Billet Steel SMF For VW/Audi Longitudinal Manual Swaps

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1040 billet steel flywheel for manual swaps in VW/Audi longitudinal platforms (B5, B5.5, A4, C5). Works with both 5 speed 01A and 6 speed 01E transmissions with no spacer plate needed and uses a stock BHW TDI starter. Comes with ARP flywheel bolts and 12.9 capscrews for the pressure plate. Flywheels are made in house on our 3 axis CNC from US made 1045 steel sourced from Peerless Steel. After machining, the friction face is ground and then the flywheel is zero balanced. 


Installing the OEM clutch hydraulic line in a B5.5 chassis when doing a manual swap is an absolute nightmare that requires the brake master and booster to be loosened. It is strongly recommend to use the USP Motorsports braided stainless clutch line that installs in less than 2 minutes as opposed to 2+ hours for the OEM line. 


This flywheel is setup to use ClutchMasters clutch kits. 

FX100 is organic faced on both sides of the disk, rated for 310lbft.

FX250 is organic faced on one side and segmented hyrbrid button on the other, rated for 350lbft.

FX300 is kevlar faced on both sides of the disk, rated for 425lbft. The smoothest engaging and personal favorite option. 

FX350 is a hybrid formula button on both sides of the disk, rated for for 460lbft.



**INSTALLATION NOTE** In a handful of cases (5 out of over 60 sold), a very slight interference has been found at the 5:00 area inside the bell housing. If this issue is found, less than 1/16" needs to be ground off an area smaller than 1 square inch. The case is approximately .225" thick in this area so no strength is sacrificed. The most logical explanation is that multiple sets of molds for the transmission cases were used in production and over the years, some very slight dimensional variances exist in non critical areas. 


Flywheel bolt torque