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VW 4 Cylinder To Jeep 4.0L Adapter Kit

VW 4 Cylinder To Jeep 4.0L Adapter Kit

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This adapter kit lets you bolt any 4.0L jeep transmission to any water cooled 4 cylinder Volkswagen engine, gas or diesel. The kit turns the back of the VW into the back of the Jeep 4.0L so the OEM Jeep flywheel and clutch or flex plate are used.

All parts are 100% CNC machined in house in Johannesburg MI! All load bearing threaded bolt holes have steel Keen-serts installed. Nord-Lok washers are included for the six bolts that hold the two adapter halves together. The transmission plate is clockable to 7° left or right of vertical in relation to the motor. The adapter is 2" thick to aid in firewall clearance. The crankshaft to input bearing bore alignment has been triple checked to .001" TIR. 

The 1040 steel crank hub adapter has been tested up to a flywheel bolt torque of 140lb/ft. A grade 8 1/2-20 bolt with lubricated threads is rated to a safe maximum torque of 90lb/ft. 

The adapter kit includes a Powermaster gear reduction starter, and all hardware needed for installation. The inside of the bellhousing will require minor clearancing for the starter pinion due to the new location. 



The only difference between the automatic and manual transmission options are as follows:

- Torque converter bolt access hole

- Flywheel bolt length




Torque specs for the kit are as follows:

M10x1.0 socket head crank adapter bolts - 55-58lb-ft with red loctite on the threads and anti seize on base of bolt head

1/2-20 hex head flywheel bolts - 85-90lb-ft with anti seize on the threads and base of bolt head

3/8-16 socket head adapter half bolts - 30-35lb-ft with anti seize on the threads

3/8-16 hex head bell housing bolts - 25-30lb-ft with anti seize on the threads